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Server Virtualization Library

A Look at Today's Server Virtualization Architectures (Burton Group © 2007) - "Server virtualization has quickly jumped from a niche to a mainstream technology over the last couple of years. Organizations faced with limited power and space in the data center have looked to new technologies to enable data center expansion while reducing hardware and power requirements at the same time. Today, there are two primary approaches to solving the problems of growth while consolidating: clustering and server virtualization." - [PDF: 1,493 KB]

A Short Guide to Virtual Infrastructure Implementation (VMware © 2007) - "Over the past five years many organizations have specifically deployed VMware infrastructure software on industry standard systems to significantly reduce their hardware, data center and operational costs - many report 70-80% costs savings and 3-6 month ROI periods.." - [PDF: 109 KB]

10 Gigabit Ethernet Virtual Data Center Architectures (Force10 Networks © 2007) - "Consolidation of data center resources offers an opportunity for architectural transformation based on the use of scalable, high density, high availability technology solutions, such as high port-density 10 GbE switch/routers, cluster and grid computing, blade or rack servers, and network attached storage." - [PDF: 2,079 KB]

Virtualization delivers IT and business benefits for SMBs (Ovum © 2007) - "This paper profiles the virtualization experience of two VMware SMB-size customers, and provides a window into the ‘real-life’ impact of virtualization for IT managers juggling the dual priorities of remaining competitive and keeping costs in check." - [PDF: 210 KB]

Comparing Multi-Core Processors for Server Virtualization (Intel © 2007) - "Intel IT tested servers based on select Intel multi-core processors to analyze the potential role of each in our data center server virtualization strategy." - [PDF: 288 KB]

Virtualization and the Changing Windows Desktop (VMware © 2007) - "The classic Windows desktop is changing and, eventually it will alter the way we do our jobs. The day is coming when it won't be assumed that end users will have a full Windows OS and Office suite loaded on their PCs or laptops. This Special Report defines the new terms and addresses the options that Windows managers might consider for virtualizing the desktop and for planning their near-term technology needs." - [PDF: 1,371 KB]

Enhanced Virtualization on Intel® Architecture-based Servers (Intel © 2006) - "Intel® Virtualization Technology, formerly known as Intel Vanderpool technology, delivers hardware support designed to increase the value of today’s software-only virtualization solutions." - [PDF: 157 KB]

A Guide to Planning and Implementing a Linux*-based Virtualization Project (Novel © 2007) - "This guide shows how to take your data center from an existing traditional IT environment to a Linux - based virtualized IT infrastructure that supports both Windows and Linux applications..." - [PDF: 285 KB]

Analyzing the Virtualization Deployment Advantages of Two- and Four-Socket Server Platforms.pdf (Intel © 2010) - "Intel IT and Intel's Data Center Group conducted proof of concept (PoC) testing and total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis to compare two- and four-socket servers based on Intel Xeon processor for a variety of virtualization scenarios" - [PDF: 1,545 KB]

Desktop Virtualization from A to Z (Tech Target © 2011) - "Virtual desktops don't necessarily bring cost savings, but they offer plenty of other benefits for well-suited organizations. Here's how to access your organization's needs, consider options and costs, and sell management on desktop virtualization" - [PDF: 153 KB]

Recent MM4M News

June 1, 2012

We have concluded the Monitoring Implementation Project for McKesson Corporation, which we begun in December of 2011.  We are very happy to complete another project on-time and within budget.

December 19, 2011

McKesson Corporation asked us to engage in the Monitoring Implementation Project, which we have proposed as a part of our last engagement with them.  We will begin working with McK right after the New Years.  We are looking forward to sharing our expertise in BMC Patrol.

December 2, 2011

We have finished our SaaS platform evaluation for McKesson Corporation.  During this project we have reviewed the server farm, multiple SAN and NAS storage clusters, monitoring and operational procedures, incident reports for the last two years and overall systems architecture.

September 27, 2011

McKesson Corporation, for whom we have done work in the past, reached out to us to aid them in the process of determining the causes of multiple defects on one of their SaaS platforms.

July 11, 2011

Time Warner has retained us in an advisory role for the duration of vendor selection.