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Disaster Prevention and Recovery Library

Practical Disaster Recovery Planning, a Step-by-Step Guide (Computer Associates 2007) - "Good disaster recovery planning is about identifying those processes and resources that are truly critical, developing realistic recovery objectives for them and then developing a plan that can achieve those objectives as simply and cost-effectively as possible." - [PDF: 190 KB]

The Business Case For Disaster Recovery Planning: Calculating The Cost of Downtime (Iron Mountain 2006) - "To show the value of a BIA (Business Impact Analysis) and how to proceed, the following white paper outlines the steps for making a financial business case to justify disaster recovery planning and testing." - [PDF: 174 KB]

Panic Slowly - Integrated Disaster Response and Built-in Business Continuity (IBM 2006) - "A decade of regional calamities has shown that traditional approaches to disaster planning have failed to keep organizations operational." - [PDF: 216 KB]

10 Things You Should Cover in Your Business Continuity Plan (TechRepublic 2007) - "Your BCP must be thought out, written down, and distributed to key personnel well ahead of any incident that could cause a disruption to your operations.  Copies should be stored off-site-an obvious but often overlooked requirement. Here are 10 things a good BCP includes." - [PDF: 65 KB]

Architecting Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions (SUN Microsystems 2007) - "The article discusses the options for meeting the SLAs for mission and business critical services with particular reference to Solaris™ Cluster software." - [PDF: 562 KB]

Survival of the Fittest: Disaster Recovery Design for the Data Center (Burton Group 2007) - "Research has shown that about 25% of corporations have insufficient or no DR plans in place. More alarmingly, over one-third of corporations have not tested their DR plans in the past year." - [PDF: 545 KB]

Recent MM4M News

June 1, 2012

We have concluded the Monitoring Implementation Project for McKesson Corporation, which we begun in December of 2011.  We are very happy to complete another project on-time and within budget.

December 19, 2011

McKesson Corporation asked us to engage in the Monitoring Implementation Project, which we have proposed as a part of our last engagement with them.  We will begin working with McK right after the New Years.  We are looking forward to sharing our expertise in BMC Patrol.

December 2, 2011

We have finished our SaaS platform evaluation for McKesson Corporation.  During this project we have reviewed the server farm, multiple SAN and NAS storage clusters, monitoring and operational procedures, incident reports for the last two years and overall systems architecture.

September 27, 2011

McKesson Corporation, for whom we have done work in the past, reached out to us to aid them in the process of determining the causes of multiple defects on one of their SaaS platforms.

July 11, 2011

Time Warner has retained us in an advisory role for the duration of vendor selection.