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Data Center Efficiency Library

Data Center Tier Classification (Uptime Institute 2001-2006) - "One of the most common sources of confusion in the field of uninterruptible uptime is what constitutes a reliable data center." - [PDF: 1,112 KB]

Tier Classifications Define Site Infrastructure Performance [UPDATE] (Uptime Institute 2008) - "...this white paper has been updated where appropriate..." - [PDF: 383 KB]

Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2007) - "This report assesses current trends in energy use and energy costs of data centers and servers in the U.S. and outlines existing and emerging opportunities for improved energy efficiency. It provides particular information on the costs of data centers and servers to the federal government and opportunities for reducing those costs through improved efficiency." - [PDF: 2,258 KB]

Worldwide Server Power and Cooling Expense 2006-2010 Forecast (IDC 2006) - "In 2005, $26.1 billion was spent to power and cool the worldwide installed base of servers. This is more than double the cost from 10 years ago of $10.3 billion." - [PDF: 223 KB]

The Invisible Crisis in the Data Center: The Economic Meltdown of Moore's Law (Uptime Institute 2007) - "...facilities costs (site OpEx and CapEx) are growing from the historic one to three percent of the total IT budget to five to 15 percent with no upper boundary in sight." - [PDF: 597 KB]

Avoidable Mistakes that Compromise Cooling Performance (American Power Conversion 2003) - "These unintentional flaws create hot-spots, decrease fault tolerance, decrease efficiency, and reduce cooling capacity." - [PDF: 244 KB]

Air Cooled High Performance Data Centers (Intel 2006) - "By combining innovations and best-known methods for air-cooled data center design, we have achieved breakthrough power and heat densities of 15 kilowatts per cabinet and more than 500 watts per square foot of server room area, at a lower cost than other data center designs. Our models indicate that it is possible to double that density in future." - [PDF: 376 KB]

CIO Guide to Green Data Center (International Business Machines 2007) - "Cooling and electrical costs represent up to 44 percent of a data center’s total cost of ownership, although some companies are finding that they can’t buy extra electricity at any price." - [PDF: 810 KB]

The Green Grid Opportunity (The Green Grid 2007) - "With energy shortages and energy costs taking to prank among the concerns of our times, a movement to decrease datacenter and other IT energy usage patterns is gathering momentum. A key step has been the formation of The Green Grid. Founded in February 2007, this growing industry organization seeks to define and propagate the best energy-efficiency practices in datacenter operation, construction, and design. In this paper, we’ll examine why this is so important and the initial steps being taken." - [PDF: 230 KB]

The Green Grid Data Center Power Efficiency Metrics: PUE and DCiE (The Green Grid 2007) - "...PUE has received broad adoption in the industry but DCE has had limited success due to the misconception of what data center efficiency really means. As a result, this paper reaffirms the use of PUE but redefines its reciprocal as data center infrastructure efficiency (DCiE). This refinement will avoid much of the confusion around DCE and will now be called DCiE." - [PDF: 228 KB]

A Checklist for Data Center Relocation (Gartner 2009) - "Data center relocations are difficult, complex, costly and prone to failures.  The eight guidelines in this research will help ensure success and streamline the project." - [PDF: 139 KB]

Building a New Data Center? 10 Questions to Answer Before You Begin (Gartner 2010) - "There are 10 key questions that project managers should ask themselves as they begin a data center design project. These questions are designed to force out-of-the-box thinking and focus on the optimal solution at the right cost." - [PDF: 72 KB]

Data Center Consolidation: Top 10 Best Practices for Project Success (Gartner 2011) - "Many data center consolidation projects fail to meet overall expectations, and rarely are completed on time. By focusing on the best practices discussed in this research, CIOs and data center managers can be assured that their consolidation efforts won't get sidetracked for the wrong reasons." - [PDF: 79 KB]

Data Center Consolidation Projects: Benefits and Pitfalls (Gartner 2011) - "This research outlines the primary success factors in consolidation projects, as well as the most-common issues that could hinder the project's success. CIOs and project managers should be aware of the potential issues at stake before they begin such projects." - [PDF: 61 KB]

Shrinking Data Centers: Your Next Data Center Will Be Smaller Than You Think (Gartner 2011) - "There are four forces in the market today that will impact data centers in a significant way during the next five years: smarter designs, green pressures, the need to conquer density and cloud computing." - [PDF: 53 KB]

How to Close a Data Center (Gartner 2009) - "Organizations facing cost pressure may need to close a data center. Done properly, decommissioning a facility can yield substantial cost savings; done wrong, much of the savings may be deferred or lost." - [PDF: 116 KB]

What to Consider When Designing Next-Generation Data Centers (Gartner 2010) - "Leading-edge data centers are designed for flexibility, efficiency and scalability. Using best practices in design, IT leaders can reduce both capital and operating expenses for new and existing data centers." - [PDF: 61 KB]

Data Center Decisions: Build, Retrofit or Collocate; Why Not a Hybrid Approach? (Gartner 2011) - "Determining whether to build a new data center, retrofit the one you have or begin using collocation facilities is not an easy decision, until now. A hybrid approach can save millions, while solving many problems at once." - [PDF: 53 KB]

Containers and Modules: Is This the Future of the Data Center? (Gartner 2011) - "Modular and container-based data centers have emerged as yet another option for data center planners. These solutions can provide much-needed capacity quickly and, in some cases, be the cornerstone for a long-term data center strategy." - [PDF: 65 KB]

Data Center TCO; a comparison of high-density and low-density spaces (Intel 2007) - "The cost to build and operate a modern Data Center continues to increase. This Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) includes capital and operational expenses. The good news in all of this is the performance or compute capabilities in the same Data Center (DC) is increasing at a much higher rate than the TCO. This means the actual cost per unit of compute performance is coming down in the Data Center." - [PDF: 431 KB]

Data Center Efficiency Metrics and Methods (Schneider Electric 2011) - "Because the output of data centers is not a physical object per se, we have been forced to split our metrics into two distinct groups: computing efficiency and physical infrastructure efficiency." - [PDF: 366 KB]

Recent MM4M News

June 1, 2012

We have concluded the Monitoring Implementation Project for McKesson Corporation, which we begun in December of 2011.  We are very happy to complete another project on-time and within budget.

December 19, 2011

McKesson Corporation asked us to engage in the Monitoring Implementation Project, which we have proposed as a part of our last engagement with them.  We will begin working with McK right after the New Years.  We are looking forward to sharing our expertise in BMC Patrol.

December 2, 2011

We have finished our SaaS platform evaluation for McKesson Corporation.  During this project we have reviewed the server farm, multiple SAN and NAS storage clusters, monitoring and operational procedures, incident reports for the last two years and overall systems architecture.

September 27, 2011

McKesson Corporation, for whom we have done work in the past, reached out to us to aid them in the process of determining the causes of multiple defects on one of their SaaS platforms.

July 11, 2011

Time Warner has retained us in an advisory role for the duration of vendor selection.