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MM4M testimonials

"MM4M is a highly knowledgeable IT architecture firm. They have vast experience in IT in a wide range of technologies and proficiencies. They are excellent communicators and are very detail oriented. As experts in their field, they understand the nuances of balancing technology and working with other IT professionals to stay focused on project tasks. The best practices approach they employ helps implement solutions that will be pertinent for years within any organization. These skills all work together to execute the job effectively, while at the same time, they are able to complete the project on time and within budget. I would be honored to get an opportunity to work with MM4M again."  Michael Funke, Sr. Consultant, Advantis Management Solutions.

"Our firm was hired by the CIO and VP IT Operations of US Airways to conduct a post merger assessment for the Board of Directors.  We hired MM4M to conduct the application architecture and infrastructure pieces of the assessment, make go-forward recommendations, assess the current IT outsourcing firm (EDS) delivery capabilities, and to specifically diagnose certain application problems which were previously not fixed by the current consultant.  MM4M's work was extremely detailed, focused and senior executive ready.  Their report were used for both the C-Level presentation as well the Board presentation because it addressed the hard core technical needs of the VP IT as well as the business needs of the CxOs.  I would recommend MM4M without hesitation."  Michael Denis, Principal Consultant, Blue Water Solutions, Inc.

"MM4M has helped me and my clients save money on IT investments, develop plans for the future of data storage and networking, and more.  They are easy to work with and not only have the technical chops, but are business savvy also."   Joseph Sisto,  Director, Oracle Corporation.

"We needed to decide whether to vacate one of our primary data centers and migrate all servers and mainframes to another facility.  We brought MM4M in to define and design the migration methodology, develop a detailed execution plan and to determine time and cost for the entire migration.  In very short time, MM4M organized and led our project team, drove consensus on an integration approach and produced an actionable migration plan.  It was my pleasure working with MM4M; they quickly made a positive impact on our organization, freely shared their vast experience and used innovative and creative thinking, delivering their project on time and within budget."   Boris R. Abreu,  Director, Information Systems,  Fortune 25 Corporation.

"As a recently divested division of a large multi-national chemical company we were faced with the task of standing up our own IT services, which had previously been provided to us as part of a corporate shared service.  MM4M was retained to assist us in the design, specification, sourcing, and implementation of our new IT infrastructure.  MM4M brought experience, knowledge, and creativity to the project, which was successfully completed on time and within budget.  Their contributions were valuable to our success and I would not hesitate to engage their services again in the future."  James A. Kutrz,  Information Technology Director,  Innophos,  Inc.

"The MM4M team added value to the project quickly by listening to our needs, understating the culture and presenting recommendations that allowed senior management to make informed decisions.  MM4M brings a customer first approach to providing solutions and managing projects through to completion.  You can’t go wrong with making MM4M your consulting partner of choice."   Matt Fischel, Project Manager, The Northhighland Company

Recent MM4M News

June 1, 2012

We have concluded the Monitoring Implementation Project for McKesson Corporation, which we begun in December of 2011.  We are very happy to complete another project on-time and within budget.

December 19, 2011

McKesson Corporation asked us to engage in the Monitoring Implementation Project, which we have proposed as a part of our last engagement with them.  We will begin working with McK right after the New Years.  We are looking forward to sharing our expertise in BMC Patrol.

December 2, 2011

We have finished our SaaS platform evaluation for McKesson Corporation.  During this project we have reviewed the server farm, multiple SAN and NAS storage clusters, monitoring and operational procedures, incident reports for the last two years and overall systems architecture.

September 27, 2011

McKesson Corporation, for whom we have done work in the past, reached out to us to aid them in the process of determining the causes of multiple defects on one of their SaaS platforms.

July 11, 2011

Time Warner has retained us in an advisory role for the duration of vendor selection.